What Is A Rental Girlfriend?

YUKI from RENTAL KANOJO TOKYO being interviewed by our crew.

“I have never had a girlfriend,” some adults say. Young people in Japan are being more reluctant to love. Good news for them, there is a service called RENTAL KANOJO (Girlfriend in Japanese). RENTAL KANOJO is a service to provide…

Cigarettes and Society

tobbaco 2

“Smokers and non-smokers, living in harmony.” This slogan is made by JT (Japan Tobacco Inc) that is ranked as the third largest cigarette company in the world in 2014, aiming to make life equally comfortable for smokers and non-smokers. Many people…

Mundo de Alegria

The fair of cooking  exchange with foreigner living in Japan.

“Shitureishimasu.(Excuse me in Japanese)” Children enter the teacher’s room with cheerful voices and smiles. Then they begin to speak Spanish and Portuguese. “Mundo de Alegria” in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, is a school for children from Latin America. The small world here…