Student English Newspaper


Mita Campus, Keio University’s student newspaper, was founded in 1946.

In order to let young voices be heard, the paper has strived to publish articles and opinion pieces in English under the motto of Yukichi Fukuwaza, the university’s founder: Calamus Gladio Fortior (The pen is mightier than the sword).

After a decade-long intermission, the paper was resurrected in 2011 by a group of aspiring students, who felt a strong need to provide more information on Japan as well as their perspectives amid growing global competition.

Library at Mita Campus

Library at Mita Campus

We are committed to delivering stories and expressing opinions to the international community, from Japanese students’ point of view.

Unlike many student newspapers that focus on events on their campuses, we take up a variety of topics, research on the subject, and conduct interviews and surveys.

Our ultimate goal is to help people deepen their understanding of Japan: our culture and our way of thinking.

We hope that our international readers discover Japan through our articles. We are also confident that our Japanese readers find our stories interesting and informative.

Street lined with trees at Hiyoshi campus

Street lined with trees at Hiyoshi campus

三田キャムパスは、慶應義塾大学公認の英字新聞団体です。その歴史は長く1946年8月に塾生により設立され、以来福澤諭吉先生の”Calamvs Gladio Fortior” (ペンは剣よりも強し)の教えに習い、独自の視点に基づいた記事を発刊してきました。