Expressing Skills

Yuta Fujiwara

“The ability to logically persuade other people,” said Yuta Fujiwara, the representative of Japan Model United Nations Hiyoshi Branch, commonly known as “HIYOKEN”, when asked what is needed when expressing ideas. Working with his fellow members who are forthcoming, Yuta…

Do Not Walk Away from Japanese

Hideki Hara, Tomoka Konagaya

Some Japanese are anticipated that foreigners have begun to move away from studying Japanese.  However, the recent worldwide boom of animation and comic may play a large part in boosting a popularity of the language.  According to the survey conducted…

Interview with International Students

留学生 Minji

Japanese customs can be looked at differently through the lens of international students.  We tried to rediscover the interesting things about Japan, and interviewed two Keio University female Korean students: So Young Kim (Faculty of Letters) from Seoul and Minji…