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The Potential of Drone

Making a continuous noise like a bee, the aircraft flies up. It can not only hover, but also go up and down and move forward, backward, right and left. This is a drone, a kind of aircraft without a pilot that is controlled from the ground. First, drones were intended to be used for military purposes like reconnaissance, but nowadays they are used in other fields as well. Drones can be used for various purposes such as taking pictures, spraying pesticides, taking measurements of buildings and checking infrastructure. The roles of drones vary according to what they are equipped with.


With the use of drones, the tasks and work that humans are engaged with can be done more efficiently and economically. Thus, an increasing number of companies and corporations are making use of them. However, operating a drone is not as easy as it may seem. In addition, quite a few people consider them dangerous to use because of some accidental crashes that have happened in the past. In response to such concerns, Daisuke Yuuki from NEC Fielding says “the main cause of these accidents is due to the pilot’s lack of skill and knowledge of how to operate a drone.” According to Yuuki, drones are constantly being improved, but it’s not enough just to improve the drones themselves. Pilots should also be properly trained in order to avoid accidents.


That’s why NEC puts an emphasis on after-sales support for the companies that have purchased their drones, such as checking the condition of the drone, providing instructions on how to operate the drone appropriately, and teaching how factors such as changes in the weather or signal can influence the control of the drone. Drone classes, which instruct students on how to operate them, are held across Japan on the municipal facilities and the campuses of schools that have closed down. They help to promote the revitalization of rural areas in cooperation with a government-backed project that aims to make use of schools that have closed.


Drones can be safely and effectively utilized provided that pilots have the proper skills and knowledge. In the future, NEC plans to make efforts to produce drones that will prevent landslides using an infrared camera, inspect buildings, and deliver parcels. Drones will keep being improved, and a force to be reckoned with.


Post Script

By writing this article, I was able to view drones from the new point of view. Also, I think that drones are promising as a new sort of technology, which a number of people will be benefited from various kinds.

Yoshihiro Jimbo


I feel that human beings have to keep up with the development of technology.

Gengo Miura


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