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Interview with Hachu

Haruka Ito 29, nicknamed Hachu, became a famous blogger when she was studying political science at Keio University. She is also known for her success in gaining financial support from a number of companies for her world traveling. She also wrote books and gave talks while she was a student.

Hachu with aura of beauty and  cleverness

Hachu with aura of beauty and cleverness

On graduation, she became a copywriter at Dentsu, an advertising agency, and then joined Trenders, the social media marketing agency. Now she is active as a freelance writer in various fields. She also appears as a commentator on Tuesdays in ”Sukkiri” , morning talk show. We asked about her school days and, as well as her recent work “Ambition within radius of 5 meters.”


Q. Tell us about your most memorable experience in your school days?

Obviously, my college life revolved around blogging. I started blogging when I was a freshman in 2004, and still continues to blog. At that time, blogging was not a popular thing to do, and smartphones did not exist. My friends knew nothing about blogs. I first started blogging because my senior advised me to do so. My policy has always been about being close to a person you admire, and observing and emulating that person. I name this policy ‘parasite approach’ which I talked in my recent work. I believe that this policy leads to personal growth. Actually, this is the same thing as copying the makeup ways of fashion models that you see on magazines, an extension of the part of something we normally do every day.


Q. What do we need to do before we graduate?

Having the ability to explore things in depth is important. Even if people have the same experience, the depth of understanding among people with same experiences vary. Thinking deeply enables us to do obtain new perspectives. For instance, when you buy a pack of tealeaves and spot a fair trade sign, you may become interested in fair trade and end up visiting the country produces the tea. Through updating my blog, I was constantly sorting out my newly acquired knowledge and then expressing my thought based on them, and that was very effective for deep thinking. Writing reinforces my memory as well as the ability to explain in a logical manner.

Q What is the strongest message of your latest book?

I think university students can do anything they want. However, what is important is not what you do but what you think and absorb from the experiences. Having the ability to absorb and also vitality is essential. Student have nothing to lose. Therefore, students should try doing a lot of things and then take time thinking about it. In my opinion, it is not cool to be a critic who lacks real experience. I also had opportunities to meet a number of professionals and that helped me to look at things without bias.


Q. Finally, please give the message to Keio university students

I met so many interesting people who so many different background at Keio. They come from different parts of Japan, some are returnees from other cultures, some are tremendously rich, and some were getting scholarships. This is a great learning opportunity to understand different values. Instead of imposing your personal view on others, you figure out your way to widen your perspective. In my case, my college friends and I built relationships where we can inspire each other. I can advise through this experience. I would like you to be connected to an extended network of interesting people on campus.

Written by Mayu Hamada, Takeru Kanakubo, Nodoka Ishikawa

Edited by Moe Noguchi

Japanese Version



Through making this article, I realized that it is important to have ability to look at the things at deep level. The ability must bring our lives noticeable change. This time, I am so glad to have a precious opportunity that made me a profound impression. Thank you so much.

Mayu Hamada


The university student can spend one’s time freely. Therefore like HATYU, I want to do my best what I want to do and I’d like to associate with many people.

Takeru Kanakubo


I was very inspired by the way of her thinking that it is important to act more than to think. Also the more we concern from what we have experienced the more we would improve. It is said that university students have much time to do what they want, therefore it all depends on myself whether I have a full life or not.

Nodoka Ishikawa


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