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Euglena ~the diminutive giant to save our future~

SDGs and Our Future

 In 2015, the United Nations declared SDGs (the Sustainable Development Goals), and since then, companies and organizations take SDGs into consideration when they plan a new project. Nevertheless, Mr. Kimura said, “Euglena Co. has not changed its strategy for it at all. SDGs functions as a fundamental framework when explaining its project to people. It is, as it were, a communication tool. Furthermore, it helps ‘comrades’ of Euglena Co. broaden their views on the society as a whole.”

 Mr. Kimura talked about our future: Companies that do not consider sustainability will no longer survive in the near future. Not only investors but also consumers, companies and employees will keep sustainability in mind and be aware of burdens on the next generation. Imagine Euglena Co. would force children to work in Bangladesh, one of the main bases of its projects. No one would invest in it. A small action will influence more and more people.

 As mentioned above, Mr. Kimura changed his single-use plastic bottles to his own bottles made from bamboos. He said, “We have to change our lifestyle in the long run and we want to be proud of ourselves for the future generations.” At the same time, he thinks Euglena Co. should be a company that can support those who carefully consider the environment and people all over the world.

 This time, we learned the infinite potential of euglena, its development in biofuel and Euglena Co.’s view towards our future. This interview made us rethink what we should do for our future.

Euglena Co. started a recruitment of a new CFO

 Euglena Co. has started a recruitment of CFO (Chief Future Officer) and summit members who are under the age of 18 as of March 31, 2021. In the first term, CFO and summit members examined if Euglena Co. runs its business in accordance with the slogan “Making people and the planet healthy.” In June 2020, Euglena Co. declared its new goal that it would reduce half the amount of petroleum-derived plastic used for its products by March 2021. Euglena Co. will launch several projects to achieve this goal in September 2020. 

 Ozawa Kyoko, the first CFO pointed out that many people hadn’t changed their attitude toward the environment even though they recognized environmental issues due to global warming. Through her activities at Euglena Co., she came to think that if it is difficult for people to think of the environmental problems as their own, companies should build a system where consumers are able to lead an environmentally-friendly life unconsciously. Therefore, CFO, summit members and Euglena Co. set the goal of reducing the use of plastic. 60% of the wrappings of its products are made of plastic, so reducing them is close to Euglena Co. and also directly linked with the environmental problems.

 In addition, Ms. Ozawa says “Even though only we Euglena Co. will change our behavior, the world will not be better. I have a desire that more and more companies will be environmentally-friendly and it will become common practice. we want to contribute to the goal.”

 This recruitment of CFO and the summit members can be said “Updating of the innovation by the future generations.” This year, Euglena Co. has recruited a CFO and four summit members. The theme of application this year is “What does ‘sustainability’ mean to you? And, what does Euglena need to do to be more sustainable?”

 You can apply from August 7, 2020 to August 31, 2020. Please check following Euglena Co.’s homepage for details and your application.

Written by Ayaka Sato, Kento Kasuya and Yurina Shida 

Edited by Anita Zitong Zhao

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