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First step towards the brighter future -Report on One Young World 2017-

“Make a better world.”

One Young World 2017 was kicked off with this sentence.

One Young World is a huge international summit to discuss and share innovative solutions for the most pressing issues the world faces. It is an annual conference that began in 2010, and this year, it was held in Bogota, Colombia. One Young World delegates are young people between 18-30 years old who have demonstrated leadership abilities in their communities, such as in school or at work, and have a commitment to affecting positive change.

Delegates should be attired in national costume

At the summit, it was not only young people who gathered, but also recognized leaders from around the world, called One Young World counselors, such as Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Muhammad Yunus, a nobel prize winner.

For the four-day long summit, six subjects were set for discussion, which were “Poverty Alleviation”,  “Economic Development”, “Environmental Protection”, “Leadership”, “Education”and“Peace”.  Among these subjects, counselors gave talks about the current global situation and various issues based on their own experiences in trying to solve them.

One of the highlights was a panel discussion dedicated to education, in which counselors debated the role of education in the future following recent developments in artificial intelligence.

Some delegates talk about their experiences to tackle issue in education field on the stage

Research produced by Oxford University in 2016 predicts that 40% of jobs around the world will be lost to automation in 15 years. There is also data that says that 65% of children entering primary school in 2017 will ultimately end up working in occupations that don’t yet exist.

What kind of person can adjust to an unexpectable future?

What is the role that education should play?

One of the counselors, Ana Hidalgo, a social entrepreneur, is seeking answers to these questions. In 2015, she founded the social enterprise, Young Potential Development Ecuador (YPDE). She previously worked as a middle school teacher. However, she did not feel right with the way the class was conducted, which, although, it met the school’s guidelines, there was a lack of interaction between the teacher and the students. However, she remained silent for many years and did not try to fix the problem. What made up her mind to change the class was the reality she faced in which students gradually lost their motivation for learning. She found the root of the problem in the delivery of the learning experience.

YPDE is a class consulting firm based in Ecuador. The enterprise gives teachers in Ecuador, working at advice various educational institutions about what to do in classes and how to deliver learning materials to students. For example, one idea is adding discussions and group work in class instead of students just listening to the teacher. Students are thus able to recognize the importance of working with others to solve problems and respecting different opinions.

Ms. Hidalgo said,“ the classroom should be a place to give students new findings and confidence through real experiences.”

Up to this year, YPDE has rebuilt the class content in more than 100 schools in South America, providing learning experiences for 4,000 students in both middle schools and high schools. It is obvious that they are making a great impact on society.

“Revising how to deliver the classes could be developing more and more in the future as society changes.” Ms. Hidalgo said.

Education is just part of the subjects left unsolved, such as war, poverty, inequality, the refugee crisis, and so on. Each person’s commitment to solving problems using creative ideas will lead us to a better and brighter world.

One Young World is a place where young people with a strong passion to change the world come together.

At workshop with other delegates from different countries

Next year, it will be held in Hague, in the Netherlands.

Written by Kaoruko Shimada

Edited by   Gengo Miura




“Make a better world.”

この言葉とともに、One young world 2017が開幕した。


OYWとは、世界が直面する重要課題の革新的な解決方法を議論、共有する大規模国際サミットだ。 2010年から毎年行われており、今年はコロンビア・ボゴタにて開幕した。


One Young World delegateと呼ばれる参加者は、196ヶ国それぞれから選抜された18-30歳までの若者。学校や職場などのコミュニティの中で、リーダーシップを発揮し、周囲に影響を与えた経験を 持っていることが求められる。


サミットには、delegatesのみならずOne Young World counselorsと呼ばれる世界のリーダーたちも 集まる。第7代国連事務Kofi Annan氏、ノーベル平和賞受賞者​Muhammad​Yunus氏など広く活躍が知れ渡る、著名な顔が揃った。


4日間のサミットは、「貧困緩和」「経済開発」「環境問題」「リーダーシップ」「教育」「平和」 と6つの議題のもと進められた。それぞれの議題に沿って、カウンセラーたちが世界規模の問題の現状・課題について、講演やパネルディスカッションを行う。




2016年にオックスフォード大学が発表した研究によると、15年後以内に現在世界にある仕事のおよ そ40%が機械化によって消滅すると考えられている。また、2017年に小学校に入学した65%の子供たちが、未だ生まれていない新たな仕事に従事するだろうというデータもある。



One Young World counselorの1人、エクアドル出身の若手起業家Ana Hidalgoはこれらの問いを突き詰めてきた1人だ。2015年、彼女はYoung Potential Development Ecuador(以下YPDE)という会社を設立した。


彼女の前職は、中学校教師。講義を一方的に行う非インタラクティブな授業の空気に、日頃から疑問を持っていたものの、当初は学校の方針を変えるまでの気力はなかったという。 しかし、生徒の学習意欲が徐々に低下していく姿を見て、授業の運用方法に問題を見出し、授業を改革していくことを心に決めた。



YPDEは、エクアドルを拠点とする「授業コンサルティング会社」である。様々な教育機関と連携しながら、国内の中学高校の教師に対して、授業で行うテーマやその運用方法 についてアドバイスしている。例えば、生徒が講義を聞くだけの「一方通行型」の授業の中に、少しでもディスカッションやグループワークを入れるといった提案だ。そのようにして生まれた「双方向型」の授業を通し、子供たちは、協力して問題を解決することや、教室の中に多様な意見が存在することなど多くの発見に出会えるという。​ ​











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