SNS supports “Korean culture”

“How to make-up like Ulzzang” and “Ulzzang fashion”, these are the title of a lot of magazines for teenagers. A popular hair-stylle see-through bang and tints, cosmetics, all of them are from Korea. The image of Korean culture was the so-called “Korean wave”, but now it is changing.

Social Network Services (SNS) played an important role in spreading the “new Korean culture”. ‘When the popularity of Korean wave’ felt off considerably because of the political problem, the fan of Korean music tried to get the information by themselves,’ said Ryeong-Chol Rim, the CEO of Kumhwa Media, which manages a Korean information website Mouda. Korean dramas and Korean music were not gradually broadcasted with Japanese TV and lost its popularity. But Korean music had regular fans. Such fans made good use of SNS like Twitter.


Moreover, SNS has made the popularity of new “Korean culture” and contributed spreading it. As the users of SNS like Twitter and Instagram increase, people who updates SNS with fancy contents and shows how they live a full life gets a good reputation. Some cafes are popular because of their decorations of the shop or their products are fancy and good for updating on SNS. Because anyone can send the information to the world though SNS, now people have more chances to see such a fancy content.

In the world of SNS, an “influencer” who has many followers on SNS plays a big role. ‘They support the culture of fashion and make-up,’ said Rim. They have a big influence over teenagers who are attracted to them. Korean fashion and make-up are culture spread by them.

Mouda, a Korean culture website that provides Korean information for free is targeted at “girls who like Korea”. The number of the previews of a popular article on it is 6.8 million and the number of monthly users is 7 million in February 2017. When the website opens, the number of users was estimated at 1 million. In the website, in addition to the entertainment information, information of make-up, fashion and trips are carried. That is the reason Mouda has many users. From the popularity of Mouda, it is obvious people have a lot of interest to Korean culture and high utilization of SNS now.

Korean culture used to be a “Korean wave”, but the times have changed. There is political problems between Japan and Korea but the cultural ex1change between each people still goes on. And SNS will play a good role in that process.


Written by Ririko Tanifuji

Edited by Gengo Miura

Japanese Version