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“Do You Understand LGBT?”~Part4~

Actually, there are people who are sexual minority to some extent. We interview   Mr Hiroki, who belongs to the sexual minority club in Keio University. In the club, some are happy to “come out”, some are not according to their preference. They have a good time, eating together or going bowling or something like that.

Hiroki said to us that people can easily be coming out in the universities more than before because even if they have trouble in the human relationship, they can opt out it and opt in other community easily in the universities. Moreover, most people recognize the value of the variety and have knowledge about sexual minority in the universities. This is why sexual minorities can also live comfortably in such an environment.

Hiroki has a good impression on the enactment of LGBT-related laws, and hopes further improvement of their rights such as authorization for inheritance. At the same time, however, he feels that this legislation is contrary to the established LGBT culture which people enjoy multiple relationships. Actually some LGBT individuals do not require further progress in legislation since they are indifferent to marriage. This clearly shows that sexual minority conceives various thoughts. Moreover, Hiroki thinks that integration with sexual majority can be achieved after the recognition of various sexualities. It seems that there are parties who look at the LGBT issues in Japan objectively and realistically like Hiroki while a great variety of the concerned parties exists.

“Just like a study, we have to analyze the issue at first, after that, LGBT will be integrated into the heterosexual majority, I believe.”
What will make 92.4%  of people have interests to LGBT group?
We thought it is ideal way to create a meaningful relationship is a situation in which people gain or lose profits because of LGBT. In the actual state, majority of people can live without concerning about LGBT. However it is irresponsible to ignore them completely. There are actually some people who want expansion of rights and choice of LGBT and more easy society for them. In order to put it into practice, majority should have more interests in subcultures and contribute to action to expand recognition of LGBT.


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