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“Do You Understand LGBT?”~Part2~

The Glitter is the group, which provide opportunities where LGBT hold a wedding ceremony and give a lecture on LGBT. Mr.Hideto Sakurai, the head of this organization, is bi-sexual himself and has a qualification for wedding planer.

“We will just do it normally as a couple between one men and one women ”. The staff told it to Mr. Sakurai when making reservations for wedding venues.  In Japan the image of marriage as a union between one man and one woman is still very strong, and it is because of outdated prejudices such as these that Mr. Sakurai often meets with resistance when planning a wedding.  Understandably the number of marriages that Glitter has been able to officiate is small.  In fact weddings of sexual minorities are so rare they make headline news, and generate an unimaginable amount of press.

The key factor in expanding the rights of minorities is getting the majority involved, says Mr. Sakurai “are we able to create an environment where the 92.4% majority feel they can in some way relate to and live together with the 7.4% of sexual minorities, this is key.”

While Mr. Sakurai does give some credit to the current laws, he believes they are far from perfect.  The hurdle remains high for LGBT couples that are still unable to receive spousal deductions or obtain joint custody of their children. Naturally, when it comes to legislation surrounding gay marriage and revision of the current laws there are many varied and heated opinions, this is only natural.  “We don’t want to create an atmosphere where is seems like we are promoting gay marriage as the best choice, or even one people have to take” says Mr. Sakurai, rather it is Glitter’s aim to create a society where individuals have the right to freely choose, and gay marriage is just one choice among many.


Written by Takumi Ishikawa, Fumina Kayano, Arito Otomo,

George Wiltsher, Ayano Sikita Gengo Miura Tatuya Morimoto Kyoko Yoshioka

Edited by Tatsuki Yokosawa

Japanese Version


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